The bioltec® system for catheter ablation consists of the LEONARDO® FPS laser and a coupled pump.


The special feature of the biolitec® laser is the FPS system. With the help of this safety system FPS (Fiber Protection System) the laser switches off automatically if light with a wavelength other than 1064nm is registered during the laser application via the light guide located in the catheter. This prevents overheating damage, such as pump failure or bubble formation.

The FPS thus contributes significantly to the safety of the overall system.


"The additional commissioning of the FPS on the laser device increased the safety of the method. The automatic switch-off of the laser avoids thermal damage to the catheter. If the cause of the malfunction can be eliminated, the treatment can be continued without having to replace the catheter. The FPS also has an economic aspect due to the possibility of saving on catheters. The laser light itself also represents an advantage of the method due to its physical properties. Of particular importance here is the histologically proven difference between the laser lesion and the RF lesion, which proves the difference in the arrhythmogenic effect of the methods.

(PACE 20:1194, 1997, see also Clinical Data Appendix 14)".