Gentle and effective - the biolitec® laser therapies

The minimally invasive laser therapies of biolitec® for urology allow a tissue- and organ-sparing treatment of many medical disorders. Bleeding is avoided as far as possible and surrounding tissue and organs remain intact. As a result, all biolitec® laser treatments are also suitable for high-risk patients. Another advantage is that tissue samples can be taken and operated on in a single procedure.

Ask about the LIFE method for benign prostate enlargement (BPH)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a benign enlargement of the prostate tissue. This occurs mainly in the second half of life. The symptoms of this disease include a frequent urge to urinate, a weak urine stream and prolonged time to empty the bladder.

With the LIFE laser method of biolitec®, a laser fiber is inserted into the urinary canal up to the blocked area and the surplus tissue is removed. This method can also be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

For detailed information about the laser procedure and its advantages, please refer to out patient information or visit our website

TULA® (trans-urethral laser ablation) in bladder tumors

If you have been diagnosed with non-invasive bladder tumors, you have the possibility to have them removed with the TULA® procedure of biolitec®. Here, too, a laser fiber is introduced via the urinary tract. The tumor is then irradiated with the laser fiber. Due to the special quality of the biolitec® laser, damage to the sensitive bladder wall is usually avoided. Due to the particularly gentle procedure, the treatment can be repeated in case of recurrence of tumors.

Further information can be found in our patient brochure.

FLA (Focal Laser Ablation) under MRI guidance for the treatment of low to intermediate localized prostate tumors

This biolitec® method is suitable for patients after the confirmation of PSA blood tests, a biopsy and accurate consultation with your doctor (Urologist and Interventional Radiologist). In this case it is possible to perform this FLA MRI procedure for low to intermediate localized prostate tumors, under local anesthesia.

The laser fiber is introduced under MRI guidance into the tumor tissue and the tumor is irradiated from the inside using simultaneously MRI and thermometry. With the guidance of the accompanying imaging, the focused and complete destruction of the tumor is ensured.     

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