Tumor Surgery

Bladder tumors or partial nephrectomy – biolitec® offers safe and effective applications to meet the requirements of modern laser surgery for both.


TULA - Bladder tumors

The ability of simultaneous cutting and coagulation offers a simple and safe method with a minimal to non loss of blood. Two different methods are possible: The standard procedure can be performed either with general/regional anesthesia or outpatiently. Laser treatment of bladder tumors reduces risks for your patients and can be performed quickly.

Non-muscle invasive bladder tumor normally has a high recurrence rate, leading to multiple treatments. Elderly patients with multiple morbidities are not fit for conventional treatment under general anesthesia. TULA® DUAL offers a technique using flexible cystoscopy for the treatment of bladder tumor under local or even no anesthesia in outpatient settings.


Partial nephrectomy

The properties of our high-tech optical fibers contribute to a successful nephron sparing surgery securing better overall renal function and make them the fibers of choice to ensure best results. Cutting and coagulating at the same time provides minimal bleeding with a good view on the tissue. Our special diode lasers for partial nephrectomy offer the benefit of no or shorter warm ischemia time with more effective tissue coagulation, hemostasis and reduced parenchymal damage.