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Varicose veins? Hemorrhoids? The second corona wave is coming - make an appointment for outpatient treatment with your doctor now!          biolitec: The ability to deliver and customer service are still 100% guaranteed!

The Coronavirus affects us all!

We are all following the development of the corona pandemic very closely. The corona virus has a considerable impact on public life and thus also on biolitec. In the last few days we have also taken measures to protect our employees, such as the possibility to work in the home office. This way, biolitec's entire production, logistics, customer service and sales remain 100% functional.   

The German government has classified the situation in the Federal Republic of Germany as an "extraordinary situation" in the sense of the Epidemic Law. The management of biolitec will continue to follow the official guidelines and comply with the instructions of the Federal Government to ensure the safety of our team, customers and suppliers. Of course, we can still be reached by phone as well as by e-mail. All biolitec employees will do their best to keep response and reaction times as short as possible.
The daily business as well as biolitec's ability to deliver are not affected by these decisions. Please call us if you need support!

biolitec wishes you and your families all the best! Stay healthy!


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The biolitec®-fibers are specially adapted to the respective laser and application areas.

LEONARDO® Mini 1470 nm

Now available as well with 10 watts