biolitec® offers an extensive product range for urologic laser applications – state-of-the-art laser systems, fibers, handpieces, and other accessories. Thus, you will be well equipped for the advanced treatment of BPH, bladder tumors, prostate tumors, partial kidney resection, condylomas, stricture, etc. 


BPH - Benign Prostate Hyplerlapsia

The standard device in urology primarily used for BPH treatment and all other applications is the LEONARDO® DUAL 200 Watt. The LEONARDO® DUAL 45 is the suitable laser system for partial nephrectomy, bladder tumors, strictures and condylomas. The small and light LEONARDO® Mini can be used for bladder tumours, strictures and condylomas.


Focal Laser Ablation (FLA) of Prostate Tumors

biolitec® offers a comprehensive range of products for urology laser applications. Specially developed Litt fibers, laser devices and accessories provide a versatile solution to treat prostate tumors under MRI and real-time thermometry.

biolitec® Litt fibers are MRI friendly with clear visualization under MRI, making it an ideal choice for applications under Interventional radiology. The extra-long fiber offers surgeons an ease of handling fibers in the MRI suite.


Latest addition to our urology application is the all new LEONARDO® Duster, an economical solution that utilizes our high quality range of fibers for laser lithotripsy. Equipped to produce 60W and delivering a wavelength of 1940 nm, LEONARDO® Duster promises an exceptional stone treatment. High frequency and low energy creates more finer and faster dusting compared to the gold standard technique. 


All fibers are free of latex and DEHP. Our fibers are single use products (unless otherwise indicated), delivered sterile for immediate use.
All laser sets comprise 3 safety goggles, foot switch, interlock connector, power cord and manual in a carrying case.