EVOLVE® features an innovative design for safe, effective and flexible use in all surgical disciplines. The system provides a wide range of minimally invasive and micro-invasive solutions to broaden your therapeutic options. EVOLVE® offers innovative features such as a specific and effective absorption of its wavelenght (980 nm and 1470 nm.)

The LEONARDO® Laser System

The diode laser platform LEONARDO® DUAL is based on the excellent absorption characteristics of the wavelengths 980 nm and 1470 nm. The combination of the two wavelengths enables a tissue interaction in both hemoglobin (980 nm) and water (1470 nm). Together with the moderate tissue penetration, a minimally invasive, safe and precise treatment in extremely delicate anatomic structures is guaranteed.

The application of the flexible, very thin laser probe with a diameter of 360 µm additionally allows very tactile and precise operations in sensitive structures under strict CT-control.