For the treatment with FiLaC® you need one of the following lasers: 

  • LEONARDO® Dual 45
  • LEONARDO® Dual 100
  • LEONARDO® Mini 1470 nm, with 12 Watt

The following fibers are suitable for FiLaC® treatment:  

  • FiLaC® Fistula Probe, IC 

With the kits we offer you a combined package to get you started for innovative laser treatment. Select your fiber of choice and go ahead.

  • FiLaC® Fistula Kit, IC

Our accessories match perfectly with our lasers and fibers. Experience the full range of what modern laser technology has to offer.

  • Universal Dual Luer Handpiece
  • Laser Safety goggles 950 - 1010 L4 + 1470 L2 (FULL), transparent

Detailed information is available in our product data sheet. You will find it on the right in the download area.