The CALA treatment is achieved in combination of the CALA fiber, the LEONARDO® FPS 1064 laser and the LEONARDO® FLOW pump that can ablate arrhythmogenic substrates in a point-by-point fashion. The system is compatible with most variants of electrophysiology recording equipment and convenient to operate in catheterization labs.


What makes CALA effective?


  • A unique advantage of the 1064 nm laser is that it can achieve the lesion in both normal and scarred tissue.
  • The ability to monitor the reduction in electrograms during laser treatment. Laser energy does not influence the electrogram readings.
  • The laser treatment has low chances of thrombus creation in short or long term.

Advantages of the laser treatment:


  • Uniform transmural lesion with no active myocardial cells found.
  • Continuous irrigation improves the laser path for radiation. It is seen that faster irrigation during ablation provides a larger lesion.
  • No additional features like contact force required. Tissue is ablated by light absorption compared to other technologies.
  • No steam pop or tissue abnormalities found in lesions.

biolitec® CALA-Fiber:

The CALA fiber is designed with extreme precision and quality which is evident in all biolitec® fibers. biolitec® maintains an edge over the competitors with its vast experience in building various application fibers.


biolitec® LEONARDO® FPS 1064:

The LEONARDO® laser system is the most versatile and universal medical laser system in the market today. The device stands out with its attractive design, ease of use and portability.

The LEONARDO® FPS 1064 laser for CALA emits 1064 nm wavelength with the maximum power of 20W. The laser is incorporated with Fiber Protection System (FPS). This feature keeps the fiber and tissue safe from any overheating.



biolitec® LEONARDO® FLOW pump:

A high precision pump that irrigates the fiber and provides a better medium to ablate the tissue. Irrigation reduces the chance of thrombus creation and helps in cooling the tissue surface to achieve larger lesion.

The LEONARDO® FPS 1064 laser works in combination with the LEONARDO® FLOW pump.



CALA treatment is low risk, reliable and efficient – the right tool to deliver the right ablation.