The basis of minimally invasive LipoLas® laser therapy is the combination of the compact and user-friendly LEONARDO® diode laser with the atraumatic LipoLas® laser fibers from biolitec®. LipoLas® - Laser Lift thus delivers outstanding treatment results in the field of collagen stimulation and body contouring in aesthetic surgery - without scarring. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, e.g. TLA, or in combination with liposuction. A thin laser fiber is inserted subcutaneously into the tissue to be treated without incisions and the area is treated evenly by slow and fan-shaped delivery of the laser energy.

The LEONARDO® enables the simultaneous complementary use of the 2 wavelengths 1470 nm and 980 nm, which have a high absorption in water, fat and hemoglobin. This enables optimal fat reduction and excellent tightening with maximum protection of the surrounding tissue. During the laser procedure, small blood vessels are simultaneously obliterated and the formation of new collagen fibers is stimulated.


LipoLas® - Laser Lift Fiber with atraumatic tip