Jena, 31. July 2023 – Waiting forever in traffic jams on the way to vacation, at what feels like 40 degrees: Midsummer is in full swing. And even though many people are glad that the cold season is over for the time being, not everyone is having an easy time of it at the moment. The particularly high temperatures that are currently prevailing in Europe as a result of climate change are particularly hard on older people. In addition to circulatory problems, the risk of thrombosis also increases significantly during longer car and plane journeys in a seated position. Anyone suffering from venous disorders such as varicose veins will also quickly notice restrictions due to feelings of heaviness in the legs or swelling in the heat. The reason: natural cooling. The body dilates the vessels in the limbs so that the heat can be released more easily. In people with weak veins or varicose veins, the blood that is collected in the legs as a result can usually not be completely pumped back up out of the legs. This results in the same symptoms. At the latest then it makes sense to think about a varicose vein treatment such as the ELVeS Radial laser therapy from biolitec.

However, many patients do not have their varicose veins treated until much later in the colder season. After all, a hospital stay and general anesthesia are stressful enough, and who wants that in the summer? A misconception, because on the one hand the temporal postponement can also increase a risk of thrombosis and on the other hand varicose veins can also be treated with the careful laser therapy ambulatory and without general anesthesia. With only a small puncture, through which a laser fiber is inserted into the diseased vein, it can be obliterated by laser light. Patients can usually leave the specialist practice or the day clinic after a short time on the same day. Patients do not usually have to forego their evening summer walk even on the day of treatment - on the contrary, varicose vein patients are even advised to exercise. Only leg-straining activities such as jogging or cycling should be avoided during the first weeks.

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