Jena, 16th January 2023 – The goal of the treatment of myomas or endometriosis is, among other things, the preservation of the uterus and the ovarian reserve. The innovative LEONARDO DUAL laser systems offer a wide range of applications for the field of gynecology. With its laser fibers specially developed for the gynecological field, the new laser therapy from biolitec is gentle, safe and effective.

The latest innovation in the biolitec laser treatment portfolio is the LaEvita laser therapy for the most common female genito-urinary syndromes like vaginal atrophy and mild stress urinary incontinence. The LaEvita laser treatment stimulates collagen production in a non-ablative and non-destructive tissue technique. The almost painless treatment restores vaginal elasticity and hydration and improves vascularization of the vaginal mucosa, all within just a few minutes of treatment.

In Europe, approximately every fourth or sixth woman of childbearing age is affected by myomas. The biolitec laser therapy HOLA (Hysteroscopic Outpatient Laser Application) is a gentle and uterus-preserving laser treatment. Polyps and myomas can be enucleated quickly and gently with biolitec special MyoFiber CA and Myofiber CC fibers. With the effective and innovative laser technique it is possible to remove uterine lesions without the risks associated with the resectoscopic technique and with almost no bleeding.

Approximately 8 to 15% of all sexually mature women are affected by endometriosis. One in two women with an unfulfilled desire to have children is suffering from endometriosis. Thanks to the laser therapy ELLA (Endometriosis Laparoscopic Laser Application) it is possible to remove endometriosis lesions as well as ovarian cysts and adhesions with ELLA Click Fiber quickly and safely for the patient. The LEONARDO DUAL laser energy is very gentle on the tissue and thus helps protect the ovarian reserve. The results of various publications show that after laser surgery there are no significant changes in serum AMH levels and antral follicles, which indicates the diode laser as a valid tool for the treatment of superficial and deep endometriosis. The saving of the ovarian reserve is of utmost importance to young women desiring children. Please find the relevant study results for myomas and endometriosis summarized here

In addition to hysteroscopic and laparoscopic applications, pathologies of the cervix and vulva like condylomas and dysplasias can be treated with the specially developed LOMA handpiece and with Myofiber CS. With the focused laser spot of 1.0 mm, the affected areas are irradiated with the LEONARDO DUAL laser in non-contact mode, which completely destroys the viral genome by depth effect.

For more information about all biolitec Gynecology laser applications please see here


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