Jena, 15. August 2023 - Over 100 visitors attended the second Proctocom in Málaga, Spain, from June 09 to 10, 2023. Participants came from Finland, (North) Africa and even China, among others. The congress, organized by biolitec and the hosts Dr. Juan Diego Pina, surgeon from Spain and Dr. Stelios Kakoyiannis, surgeon from Cyprus was again a great success this year. 11 renowned physicians from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Switzerland and the Netherlands presented their experiences and successes in laser proctology with interesting case presentations, studies, photos and videos of their procedures. In addition to the application for hemorrhoids and fistulas, the laser application for fissures, condylomata and hidradenitis suppurativa was also discussed.

Of particular note was the presentation by Dr. Ionel H. Roman, surgeon from Switzerland. Dr. Roman presented the results of more than 800 patients who underwent LHP treatment with a 1470-nm diode laser from January 2017 to May 2023. The procedure was performed as a 1-day-surgery. The average operative time was 22 minutes, with no significant intraoperative complications. On a very positive note, 90% of patients returned to their daily activities as early as 5-7 days after surgery. Perianal abscesses occurred in only 5 of the 800 patients, requiring incision 4-6 days postoperatively. Postoperative pain was absent in 30% of patients, and the majority experienced moderate pain for only 2-5 days.

In her presentation, Dr. Isabel Bermúdez reported the same average operative time of 22 minutes, also without significant intraoperative complications. She treated 42 patients with the SiLaC procedure from January 2020 to April 2023. Overall, only one patient required a second treatment with the laser. Her conclusion is that SiLaC should be considered as the technique of choice in the treatment of pilonidal sinus because it allows the patient an immediate return to normal life, has a low recurrence rate, is cost-effective, and requires only a short learning period. Subsequently, extensive studies were presented to support this.

The congress brought together healthcare professionals, researchers and industry experts to discuss and present the latest developments, research findings and clinical applications related to laser technology in proctology. In this context, the tutorial group gave briefings on the laser and fiber platform and a hands-on workshop on laser-tissue interaction.

However, experts don't have to wait until the next Proctocom to learn more about biolitec's proctological innovations. Visit biolitec at booth no. 11 from 27.09. to 29.09.2023 at the 18th European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) in Vilnius, Lithuania!

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