Jena, 7th February 2023 – When treating their patients, urologists obviously aim to provide the best treatment method for the respective disease at all times. The innovative and high-power diode laser LEONARDO DUAL 200 from biolitec is capable of efficiently reducing the risk of ejaculation disorders in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), among other things.  

Thus, Prof. Rosario Leonardi, Head of the Department of Urology and Andrological Surgery, Musumeci GECAS Clinic Gravina of Catania, Italy, and his team have developed the LEST technique, which makes it possible to preserve ejaculatory function.1

The "Leonardi Ejaculation Sparing Technique" (LEST) uses biolitec's LEONARDO DUAL 200 diode laser, which is the only medical laser that is able to combine the wavelengths 980 nm and 1470 nm for optimal vaporization. Together with biolitec's TWISTER laser fiber, large quantities of tissue can be ablated with high precision and control in a short time in contact mode. At the same time, the "ejaculatory triangle" important for ejaculation, named by Prof. Leonardi and his team, is spared. Usually, no cortisone or painkillers are given after the procedure because it normally does not produce significant irritative symptoms. Prof. Leonardi is scheduled to present the LEST technique, along with recent findings, at the EAU Congress on March 11, 2023, starting at 6 p.m. or later, in Video Session 07, "Refining BPH enucleation" (No. V054).

The biolitec TULA therapy for non-muscle invasive bladder tumors can be performed on an outpatient basis and without anesthesia. This is a significant advantage, especially for high-risk patients, and in this way also enables treatments for recurrent non-muscle-invasive bladder tumors.

The LEONARDO DUAL 200 laser from biolitec is also ideally suited for partial nephrectomy. State-of-the-art fibers ensure optimal protection of the kidneys and reduce parenchymal damage and ischemia time to an absolute minimum. In addition, since the blood supply to the kidney does not have to be interrupted, better preservation of overall kidney function is possible.

Furthermore, condylomas, strictures as well as tumors of the upper urinary tract can be treated with biolitec's LEONARDO DUAL 200 laser system.

Visit us at the EAU Congress from March 10 - 13, 2023 in Milan at booth no. L10. For detailed and further information on the full range of biolitec laser therapies for urology, please visit our exhibition page at:

1 Leonardi, Rosario: "The LEST technique: Treatment of prostatic obstruction preserving antegrade ejaculation in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia", in: Archivio Italiano Di Urologia E Andrologia 2019, 91(1), 35-42.


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