Jena, 2nd March 2023 ‒ This year, the German healthcare system is once again facing many challenges - despite the fact that the pandemic has subsided: staff shortages in clinics as well as the economic late effects of the pandemic, which, like everywhere else in society, are also making themselves noticeable in the medical sector and especially in inpatient facilities. The consequences are not only that capacity limits are exceeded, but also the threat of clinic closures, which further restrict capacity. So, as during the pandemic, there are still long waiting times and delays in surgery appointments. An obvious train of thought, then, is to give preference to outpatient treatment methods for common ailments instead such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

For those who think that in specialist practices the options are limited to ointments and compression stockings should know that there are now numerous minimally invasive therapy methods that are a very effective alternative to inpatient surgery. Vascular experts are increasingly turning to ELVeS Radial Laser Therapy for varicose veins. Due to its efficiency and excellent aesthetic results, it now accounts for a large proportion of varicose vein treatments.

For example, biolitec's LHP laser therapy is one of the most patient-friendly methods for 2nd-4th degree hemorrhoids. In addition to hemorrhoids, fistulas can also be treated by proctologists (rectal specialists) using lasers.

Laser therapies also have a number of other advantages for patients: in addition to the fact that they can usually take place on an outpatient basis, local or short-term anesthesia is usually sufficient for treatment. The treatment duration is very short, and the same applies to the recovery time. In addition, patients on blood-thinning medication do not have to stop taking it for the treatment. Therefore, the treatments are also ideal for elderly and high-risk patients. However, it is also important in the outpatient sector not to wait too long with appointments and to book them as quickly as possible to avoid long waiting times.

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