29.10.2020Treat anal fistula with "FiLaC" laser therapy – avoid incontinence, preserve sphincter [read]
12.10.2020Corona: PDT drug Foscan® with active ingredient Temoporfin potentially suitable against COVID-19 [read]
22.09.2020biolitec: New laser therapy for herniated discs relieves pain quickly and effectively [read]
08.09.2020Minimally invasive laser therapies of biolitec® applicable in BPH and many other indications in urology [read]
24.08.2020www.biolitec-interactive.com: Information module for digital communication with doctors online - Download the new proctologist app now [read]
15.06.2020Prostate Laser Therapy LIFE: Low-infection – Fast – Gentle – Suitable for high-risk patients [read]
06.04.2020New app for minimally invasive therapy of hemorrhoids, coccyx and anal fistula [read]
10.03.2020Minimally invasive surgery with laser has clear advantages when it comes to the risk of infection by viruses [read]
03.03.2020New: Minimally invasive thoracic and bronchial surgery with multifunctional LEONARDO® laser from biolitec® [read]

New phlebologist app on varicose veins from biolitec® [read]

03.02.2020biolitec® – New ELVeS® Radial® 2ring Pro laser fiber for severely tortuous veins [read]