Press Releases

18.10.2019 Men and varicose veins – Many go to the doctor too late [read]
02.10.2019 Hemorrhoids in increasing age: With LHP laser therapy and a healthy lifestyle less problems! [read]
23.09.2019 Finally a modern laser therapy: FiLaC for anal and pilonidal fistulas and acne inversa [read]
10.07.2019 biolitec® ‒ Laser pioneer leading in the development of modern lasers for minimally invasive surgery [read]

FUSION®-Technology and LEONARDO®-Laser from biolitec®: The optimal safety concept for varicose vein therapy [read]


biolitec® at Medica 2018: 10 years ELVeS® Radial® laser therapy and excellent healing successes in proctology and urology with LEONARDO® lasers [read]


biolitec®: Risk patients benefit from laser channel technology for BPH [read]

05.07.2018 New laser therapy SiLaC® by biolitec®: Greek study shows over 90% cure rate for pilonidal fistulas [read]

New study: Increased risk of thrombosis among patients with varicose veins – Laser therapy ELVeS® Radial® 2ring especially for high-risk varicose vein patients [read]

22.05.2018 New website presents modern medical laser therapies [read]


LEONARDO® DUAL by biolitec®: First medical laser for multifunctional applications in minimally invasive therapies [read]

27.11.2017 New treatment of anal fistulas with ultra-modern laser: Successes now scientifically proven! [read]

biolitec® Medica 2017: FiLaC® confirms success with long-term study - New therapy method for endometriosis - Mobile LEONARDO® Mini laser can also be used for varicose veins [read]

08.03.2017 biolitec®: High-tech laser fiber XCAVATOR™ provides the fastest tissue ablation in BPH laser treatments [read]