The intervertebral disks cause pain if their shock-absorbing function gets lost. Additionally, the small vertebral joints suffer higher loads and wear out faster. There are many therapeutic options but the possibility of absolutely precise treatment makes laser indispensable.

The process in which intervertebral disk tissues are shrunk with the help of heat applied in a targeted manner is called PLDD – Percutaneous Laser Disk Decompression. The “emanating” pain can subside as early as during the laser treatment itself, the “sciatic pain ” also fades away eventually.

Moreover, the heat-conditioned fusion of the inter-vertebral tissues interrupts the forwarding of pain signals to the brain through internal body messenger elements. This interruption drives out the agonizing chronic pain.

If you suffer from discomforts of the intervertebral diks, please contact a trusted doctor for individual information on the possibilites of PLDD.

Further information can be found in our patient brochure.