As one of the world’s leading specialists in medical laser technology, the quality of our products is our top priority. biolitec® Holding GmbH & Co KG is the technology leader in the field of diode lasers, fiber optic disposables and photodynamic drugs. Our R&D activities not only continually enhance already established products and therapies but also explore new technologies. This way we can always offer our customers ideal and state-of-the-art solutions for the demanding field of laser medicine.

Nearly every year biolitec® can announce innovations in the field of medical lasers and fibers. Thus, we can guarantee physicians and patients effective and advanced therapies with maximum possible safety – for a quick return to a life free of discomforts.


Laser medicine in a new dimension: The LEONARDO® Laser

The latest development by biolitec® opens up a brand new world of therapeutic applications and clinical results in minimally invasive surgery: The LEONARDO® laser is the most versatile and universal medical laser on the market. This highly compact diode laser features two wavelengths (980 nm and 1470 nm) which can be selected with a simple tip on the screen to adapt to the respective application. In the past, cabinet-sized, bulky, and energy-consuming devices made laser therapies also spatially challenging. After many years of intense research, biolitec® can today present handy and mobile lasers. Furthermore, LEONARDO® offers the possibility to deploy only one device for a variety of different applications.

Phlebology, proctology, urology, gynecology, or other treatment fields – LEONARDO® is ready for usage within a wide range of minimally invasive laser therapies. Especially the fields of urology and gynecology demand high levels of power during treatment. That is why biolitec® has developed the LEONARDO® HPD laser. Due to its high level of power, this laser can be deployed for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as of myomas and polyps of the uterus. Just as the LEONARDO® laser, the LEONARDO® HPD laser features two different wavelengths of 980 nm and 1470 nm and thus enables ideal adjustments for tissue vaporization, coagulation or incision. Additionally, this unique laser is designed for utmost user comfort and energy efficiency and thus guarantees a universal and economic application in medical practices and hospitals. From stationary, cabinet-sized laser stations to mobile high-tech diode lasers: this is the result of biolitec®’s efforts.


Energy carrier in a class of its own: Optical fibers by biolitec®

Fibers off the rack – unthinkable for us. Every medical laser application has its own and unique demands that have to be met. This has always been the goal of our research. biolitec® was one of the first – and is until today one of the few – companies that continuously work on the improvement of its fibers. This is the only way to make sure that we can offer physicians perfectly suitable fibers for their field of application. We went a long way, but high investments and a consistent focus on innovation led to a product range which has no equal.

Our product line ELVeS® Radial® for the application in phlebology is a unique system with regard to innovation, safety and flexibility: ELVeS® Radial® 2ring with the new 2ring fiber technology effectively closes the vein by splitting the energy into two phases. For the treatment of superficial venous reflux on perforator veins and small saphenous veins we have designed ELVeS® Radial® slim. More special fibers, for example for urology (XCAVATOR®) or gynecology (MyoFiber), complete our product range.


Quality and safety made in Germany: FUSION®

In medical technology, the patient’s safety is priority number one. Only products of supreme quality can ensure that the risk of complications during treatment is minimized. To us, cheaping out on quality has been unthinkable right from the start. This is why we have developed our FUSION® product line which offers physicians even more safety during treatment. With the unique FUSION® technology, the silica glass cap is firmly fused to the fiber, not simply glued as it is the case with most cheap, low-quality products. Thus, the fiber resists even high temperatures, and detachment of the cap inside the vein during treatment and an associated emergency surgery are nearly impossible.


The fight against cancer: Photodynamic Therapy

Another approach of biolitec®’s R&D activities is the development of new formulas and possible applications for Photodynamic Therapy. To do so, biolitec® conducts clinical trials with the active agent Temoporfin, already approved in the field of oncology, and other photosensitizers.


The following overview illustrates the development phases of individual substances: