CeramOptec GmbH was established in 1988 as the nucleus of today's biolitec® Holding GmbH & Co KG. Fast expansion activity in the early years resulted in a branch set up in the USA in 1989, and another branch in Malaysia in 1991.


Consolidation of laser expertise

The idea of the first diode laser for photodynamic therapy in the world enables clinics to reduce costs – both in terms of procurement and in maintenance.

Licenses of European and US authorities for diverse lasers having different wavelengths consolidate our international leading market position.


Developing competency in photodynamic therapy

biolitec® AG, today's parent company of CeramOptec GmbH, was founded in 1999. Activities were initiated for conducting research on photodynamic substances. By acquiring QuantaNova Ltd., biolitec® AG could immediately market a Europe-wide licensed photosensitizer: Temoporfin – a new therapeutic option for the treatment of head and neck cancer.

Simultaneously a new procedure of treating vein problems was introduced. Laser fibers are used to seal varicose veins permanently – in a minimally invasive way. Today, the so-called ELVeS® procedure is the market leader in Europe.


Enforcement of strategic positioning

biolitec®'s entry into the stock market in 2000 built the basis for further expansion. New indications and applications are successfully marketed. This includes the therapy of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) as well as the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). New licenses and formulations of Temoporfin are in preparation or are being tested in studies.

Today, biolitec® Holding GmbH & Co KG is one of the world's leading companies in the field of laser medicine, and it establishes the uniqueness of its portfolio through innovative treatment procedures and photodynamic therapy.


biolitec® Vista GmbH

biolitec® Vista GmbH is a subsidiary company of biolitec® Holding GmbH & Co KG and is specialized on the therapy fields aesthetic surgery and ophtalmology. As these fields have their very own demands as well as market conditions, the biolitec group takes a special perspective here. With roots in the Spanish respectively the Italian language, the chosen term "VISTA" signifies view or perspective.