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03.06.2023Cinquième Journée ColoProctologique de Printemps de l’Hôpital Paris Saint‑Joseph
in Paris, France
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04.06. - 06.06.202331st ESTS Meeting (European Society of Thoracic Surgeons)
in Milan, Italy
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07.06. - 09.06.2023

Swiss College of Surgeons Annual Meeting
in the Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland
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09.06. - 10.06.20232nd Protocom
in Malaga, Spain
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13.06.2023Sexualité, Oncologie et Proctologie
on the Campus Biotech Geneva, Switzerland
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15.06. - 16.06.2023

D-A-CH Congress Thermoablation
in Berlin, Germany
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4th Visceral Medicine Symposium
in Chemnitz, Germany
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21.06. - 24.06.202336ème Congrès de la Société de Chirurgie Vasculaire et Endovasculaire de langue française
in Lyon, France
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22.06. - 24.06.202323rd Annual Meeting of the Euopean Venous Forum (EVF)
in Berlin, Germany
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28.06.2023POCUS Course Vein/Artery
at the Inselspital Bern, Switzerland
29.06. - 01.07.2023Annual Congress SGGG (Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics)
in Geneva, Switzerland
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06.09. - 09.09.202365th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Phlebology and Lymphology
in Duisburg, Germany
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14.09. - 15.09.2023Le Congrès de l’Association Française de Chirurgie 2023
in Montrouge, France
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20.09. - 22.09.202332nd Annual Meeting of the German Society for Thoracic Surgery (DGT)
at the marinaforum Regensburg, Germany
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20.09. - 23.09.202375th Congress of the German Society of Urology e.V. (DGU)
at the Congress Center Leipzig, Germany
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20.09. - 23.09.2023Congrès Société Française de Médecine Vasculaire
in Saint-Malo, France
07.10.202332nd Coloproctology Seminar in Hannover (CSH)
in Hannover, Germany
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13.11. - 16.11.2023MEDICA 2023
in Düsseldorf, Germany
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23.11. - 25.11.202315th Endometriosis Congress of German-speaking Countries
in the Congresshalle Saarbrücken / Campus Uni-Klinikum des Saarlands, Germany
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02.12.2023Fall Symposium Vascular Diseases 2023
in Freiburg, Germany
18.01. - 20.01.202412th Leipzig Veterinary Congress with trade fair vetexpo
at the Leipzig Fair, Germany
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17.06.20244th Visceral Medicine Symposium
at the Hotel Chemnitzer Hof, Chemnitz, Germany
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27.09. - 29.09.202418th ESCP
in Vilnius, Lithuania
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15.11. - 17.11.202423rd Union Conference of the Swiss Vascular Society
at the Beaulieu Lausanne, Switzerland
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