biolitec® introduces its first Thulium Fiber Laser for laser lithotripsy. Today with the development in TFL technology, the stone treatment has been optimized with minimal retropulsion in addition to improved and faster dusting. The LEONARDO® Duster can produce frequencies up to 2500 Hz and lower energies of 0.02J per pulse. Compared to standard lasers, the Duster does not require dedicated sockets for power and are compact with low noise levels. The Duster provides the flexibility to use multiple fibers with sizes starting from 150 micron to 1000 micron.

Thin laser fibers provide the clinician more field of view during the procedure. The 1940 nm has high absorption in water so that the scattering effect is also reduced to a minimum.

LEONARDO® Duster delivers ideal results with extreme precision. Find out how biolitec® can revolutionize your laser lithotripsy treatment.