Our contact fibers are developed to reach out for unmatched ablation rates and excellent reliability. The energy is delivered exactly on the area to be ablated or vaporized, resulting in smooth intrasurgical surfaces. Specially developed glass tips assure working without fiber degradation and consistently high performance. More fiber control through tactile feedback shows the best outcome and permits outstanding treatment.



The XCAVATOR®application is the first true laser-TURP to combine the efficacy of trans-urethral resection with the unmatched safety and hemostasis of the biolitec® laser systems. The patent pending glass tip of the XCAVATOR® fiber ensures a safe treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. 

The new XCAVATOR® is the first true laser-TURP in the market. With our specially designed fibers, you will reach excellent ablation rates and superior treatment outcome. 



The TWISTER Large fiber was developed to offer unmatched ablation rates and excellent reliability. Due to its special ability to work in contact mode, performance loss and fiber degradation are things of the past. With the new patented bend design the TWISTER fiber gives you a direct tactile feedback of the area you want to ablate or vaporize.

The new TWISTER XL fiber is designed to increase the well-known ablation rates of the TWISTER Large and to improve precision fiber handling by optimizing rigidity.