With ThyLA DUAL laser thermoablation, biolitec® has developed a gentle and organ-preserving method for the treatment of benign thyroid nodules. Similar to a biopsy, the ThyLA fiber is inserted into the thyroid nodule under ultrasound control in order to destroy the nodule tissue by means of punctual laser irradiation. If the nodule has the appropriate size and shape, the ThyLA method can be used to apply the necessary "multiple overlapping shot technique" (moving shot technique). In this technique, the fiber is replaced intranodally after each pulse, setting multiple coagulative necroses and treating the entire nodule. The specially designed ThyLA fiber also provides excellent ultrasound visibility in parallel with uniform, controlled penetration depth.



  • Very effective: decrease in nodal tissue by approximately 50% after three months
  • Healthy thyroid tissue is optimally spared and preserved
  • Function-preserving procedure that usually does not require postoperative medication
  • Excellent control of penetration depth
  • Therapy possible under local anesthesia
  • Repeatable if necessary
  • Also suitable for high-risk patients
  • Short convalescence
  • Convincing cosmetic results