Our diode laser LEONARDO® DUAL 100 offers doctors state-of-the-art technological standards in the field of thoracic surgery and pneumology, guaranteeing minimally invasive and, above all, gentle options for lung and bronchial system surgery. From a large number of operations performed by, among others, the team of PD Dr Steinert at the University Hospital Jena, the wavelength combination of 1470 nm and 980 nm has been proven to be the most effective and reliable combination of wavelenghts. With our specially developed laser fibers, lung metastases, and lung tumors can be resected safely and with hardly any loss of blood.

The laser energy absorbed by the tissue results in simultaneous incision and coagulation, leaving a dry and dense resection surface. The exact resection saves the healthy parenchyma, the tissue of the lung lobes. Even deep, centrally located and recurrent metastases can be dissected and removed selectively.


Rapid Development

The rapid technical development of diode laser technology in recent years has made the use of devices with combinable wavelengths the gold standard also in thoracic surgery / pneumology. The combination of the advantages of the 980 nm wavelength with a comparable absorption of the laser light in water and hemoglobin, which results in an excellent coagulation effect, WITH the 1470 nm wavelength and its 40-fold higher absorption in water is resulting in excellent incision and vaporization behavior in all our reference and user centers.

The LEONARDO® DUAL 100 gives our users the option of exposure to laser light of mixed wavelengths in tissues of the parenchyma, such as the lungs, with postoperative results significantly more efficient than the technologies currently in use in the 1318 - 1350 nm range. Excellent hemostasis and postoperative sealing of the resection surface add to the convincing performance.

The LEONARDO® DUAL 100 is the surgical instrument of choice for open surgery, endoscopic VATS and tumor vaporization in the bronchial system.


Current prospects as well as observation studies will provide proof of these initial excellent results. The cost factor and the interdisciplinary uses made possible by this system will play a considerable role in the introduction of the LEONARDO® DUAL 100 in terms of an ideal hospital management in the future.

The conventional laser wavelength of 1350 nm, which has historically been used in laser thoracic surgery, is offered as an alternative on a special request. 


For numerous thoracic surgeons, the application of laser technology is the first choice in their operation room. The procedure enables a safe, tissue-conserving treatment of sensitive lung tissue without loss of blood.


Main Applications:


  • Metastasectomy
  • Vaporization of tumors (carcinomas)
  • Pulmonary wedge resection of lung tissue
  • Resection of multiple and deep lung metastases
  • Recurring metastases and tumors
  • Hemostasis and sealing fistulas
  • Adhesiolysis
  • Tissue resection for histological examination
  • Coagulation and vaporization of endo-bronchial tumors and stenosis using the bronchoscope technique

Discover biolitec®’s minimally invasive approach and experience a diode laser technology of which physicians and patients profit alike.