LEONARDO® DUAL diode devices are the only lasers to combine the advantages of the 980 nm and 1470 nm wavelengths. On the one hand, the comparable light absorption in hemoglobin and water at a wavelength of 980 nm leads to an excellent coagulation effect. On the other hand, the wavelength 1470 nm shows excellent cutting and vaporization properties due to its 40 times higher absorption in water. The biolitec LEONARDO® DUAL laser system also offers a wide range of applications for use in interventional bronchology.

Precision and targeted treatment

LEONARDO® DUAL lasers enable precise and targeted energy delivery, allowing interventional pulmonologists to focus treatment on specific areas. The controlled emission of laser light enables selective tissue ablation or modification and minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This precision is particularly advantageous when treating sensitive structures within the airways.
Small tumors are first coagulated and then vaporized and ablated with an extremely low risk of bleeding. It is particularly advantageous to work with the special gas-cooled fiber in a non-contact procedure.

Wide range of treatment options

Interventional laser pneumology offers a wide range of treatment options for various lung diseases. From the removal of obstructive lesions and tumors to the treatment of strictures or stenoses, lasers offer versatile options for treating different pathologies. In addition, lasers can be combined with other interventional techniques to increase the effectiveness of treatment and achieve optimal results.

  • Coagulation and ablation of endobronchial tumors and stenoses
  • Removal of bronchial obstructions and fistulas
  • Separation of tracheal stenoses
    (all treatments are performed with rigid or flexible endoscopes)

Less bleeding and complications

Laser procedures in pneumology involve precise tissue ablation or coagulation, resulting in less bleeding compared to conventional methods. The controlled penetration depth and energy of the laser can seal the blood vessels during treatment, minimizing the risk of bleeding and associated complications. This advantage also helps to improve patient safety.

Patient-friendly approach

Laser pneumology procedures are generally associated with less post-operative pain, less scarring and shorter recovery times. In addition, the shorter hospital stays and quicker return to daily activities contribute to a patient-friendly approach.

These benefits demonstrate the significant impact of the LEONARDO® DUAL Laser System on improving diagnostic accuracy, treatment outcomes and patient experience in the field of interventional pneumology.