Whether outpatient minimally invasive laser therapies under local anesthesia or complicated clinical procedures in the operating room – the LEONARDO® DUAL family with its innovative, combinable two-wavelength system enables a comprehensive range of indications for laser treatments in the ENT and larynx areas that is unparalleled.

With the LEONARDO® DUAL laser systems – both the standard LEONARDO® DUAL and the LEONARDO® Mini Dual version – the advantages of the tissue interactions of 980 nm (hemoglobin) and 1470 nm (water absorption) in terms of absorption, coagulation, vaporization and / or cutting are optimally exploited.


The two "minis" go "BIG"

The two lasers LEONARDO® Mini Dual & LEONARDO® Mini Blue are unbeatable in combination in ENT surgery in hospitals and MVZ operating theaters. Almost all indications in the head and neck area can now be treated or implemented with lasers. Thanks to the photoangiolytic effect of the 445 nm wavelength (Mini Blue), complicated procedures on the middle ear (e.g. stapes) as well as in the larynx (e.g. vocal cord) can be performed safely and precisely. The perfect complement to the familiar tissue reactions of the 980 nm and 1470 nm wavelengths.

Thus, all individual treatment requirements for different diagnoses can be met exactly, even sensitive procedures in children. 

Ask your local biolitec partner about the attractive package offer for the two "minis".


Targeted against various discomforts - our lasers and fibers are especially suitable for the delicate region of ear, nose and throat.

Main fields of application:


  • Endonasal surgery
  • Oro-pharynx (including Osler's disease)
  • Otology (including precise middle ear surgery; STAPES prosthetics)
  • Larynx (including tumors, papillomas, stenoses, vocal cord polyps)
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)

Opt for innovative laser medicine with nearly complication-free micro-surgical precision.

International reference and training centre:
Dr. med. August, Potsdam (Germany)
Lectures & live workshop upon request

International referent:
Dr. med. Ramming, Schweinfurt (Germany)
International Master Class Trainings & Congresses