The new Ducest Neurostimulator V opens up new natural and minimally invasive additive therapy options, not only for PAD, but also for chronic pain. PAD is a serious chronic vascular disease that leads to a lack of arterial blood flow to the extremities and, as a result, to pain on exertion, a reduction in the distance patients can walk and ultimately to considerable impairment of their quality of life.

The new Ducest neurostimulation therapy promises relief. Intermittent continuous stimulation of the vagus nerve in the triangular fossa causes modulations in the brain stem that lead to improved blood flow to the extremities. The treatment helps to slow down the progression of the disease and prevent amputations. In this way, Ducest helps to improve patients' freedom of movement and ultimately their quality of life - minimally invasive and largely without side effects.

Chronic pain disorders such as back pain can also be treated with the Ducest Neurostimulator V. The stimulation of the autonomic nervous system improves the control processes between the center (brain stem) and the periphery and thus contributes to the healing of inflammatory pain triggers. With Ducest therapy, pain can often be significantly reduced after just two to three days of continuous use - without medication. If necessary, the natural and gentle therapy can also be repeated several times.